About Us

Aspira Limited

Aspira Limited is a young but rather experienced group of like minds who create awesome new sports-related IT-products for users and big companies. We’re always open to meet whatever challenges may come, and achieve all ambitious targets.

We believe that our products, being developed using advanced technology, will unite sports enthusiasts from around the globe.

Projects launched
Years of work experience
Who we are

We are a team that is not simply coding but developing awesome new IT products related to sports for major companies and end users worldwide. 

Our software is specially designed for compiling, storing, processing and analysing big data on sporting events with the continued use in in-house projects. 

The first product of Aspira Limited was launched on March 25th, 2012. This small startup was a kick-off for the company’s growth. 

We are entirely independent from third party financing or investments. Today Aspira Limited represents a highly organized and self-contained company motivated by ambitious goals.  

Our Mission

We strive to ensure people and companies around the globe with sports-related high-quality and agile solutions to pursue their ideas and objectives.

Our Values

The principal value of our company is our team, which effectively brings to life all the most complex projects. The combination of skills, engagement and experience allows us to successfully tackle the most challenging issues on short notice. 

Unity, creativity, liability and transparency along with boldness provide us with endless opportunities for creation of top-notch products and services.