Our Products

Our services include products aimed at distribution of data that we collect. Currently, we are engaged in the following products:
BetBurger fon

BetBurger.com — an online service for searching sports arbitrage situations (surebets and valuebets); holds leading positions in the field and is in high demand in the EU, CIS, South American, and Asian countries. 

The project was launched on March 25th, 2012 and remains a front-runner of the company. It has evolved from a startup to a multifunctional platform translated into 10 languages, bringing together more than 200 000 customers since the inception.

OddsMarket fon

OddsMarket.org — a service providing sporting events data in XML or JSON intended for in-house application development, collection of statistics, trading and sporting events analysis.

The project has existed since 2016 and is targeted towards the B2C and B2B market. A number of major sportsbooks along with traders and software developers, who require timely receipt of high-quality Live or Prematch sports data, are making use of the services at this point.

OddsFan fon

OddsFan.com — an online service for odds comparison and surveillance of more than 100 bookmakers. The main target group is fans who want to know the chances of their team winning or get the most profitable odds for any outcome. 

The data are systematically updated and set out in the form of tables, with the help of which each user gets access to a vast database of sporting events with all the information required as brief and user-friendly as possible.