OddsMarket — XML & Json odds feeds

The service provides data on sports events in the form of XML or JSON feeds. This data can be used for developing your own applications, maintaining statistics, analyzing the results of sports events and trading.

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Bookmakers odds in JSON and XML formats
JSON and XML formats are a convenient way to instantly retrieve and further use large amounts of data.
Prematch Odds Feed

Prematch odds – bookmaker’s odds for sports events that are going to start in the near future. The use of XML and JSON data allows creating a single structured database of prematch bookmaker odds in an easy-to-use format.
The obtained data can be used to create your own applications, maintain statistics, trade, as well as for any other purposes in betting.

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OddsMarket — XML & Json odds feeds
Live Odds Feed

Live odds are bookmaker’s odds for sports events that are currently going on. Here you can get access to XML and JSON feeds with a wide list of Live odds for 41 sports from 95 bookmakers.

Thanks to the flexible configuration and the same data structure for all bookmakers, you will be able to optimize your work in betting as simply as possible.

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OddsMarket — XML & Json odds feeds
Arbs Odds Feed

We collect daily up-to-date betting odds, based on which we calculate Live and Prematch surebets and then provide all the necessary information via XML and JSON feeds with a minimum delay.

This would allow you to automate your work with surebets for trading or set up an automatic adjustment of your own lines to prevent arbitrage situations in your bookmaker.

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OddsMarket — XML & Json odds feeds
Christopher Bowen
Donny J. Griffin
Excellent service with odds database. Everything is quite simple and easy, and, most importantly, data is updated lightning-fast! Have never seen such complete and well-structured information. Highly recommended!
Anthony Moore
Desperately needed info on bookmaker lines movement but it was nowhere to be found. Now I have Oddsmarket gathering and structuring the odds for me.
John Jones
I’ve developed my own app for detecting value bets using Oddsmarket data. And you know what, it’s incredible! Up-to-date information in the required format. It’s really great that the guys are covering lots of bookies and sports. Huge thanks to them!
Matthew Walker
I’ve been using Oddsmarket for a year now and I never had any troubles. Everything works just fine, support is always reachable, and data is always relevant. Should say it's not cheap but it's totally worth it.