How It Started

The company is founded on March 25th, 2012 with a view to developing a software for counting out sports arbitrage situations (surebets). This is the time AllBestBets is presented, which becomes a solid foundation for building the company and launching new projects.
Aspira 2012 launch

This year we’re confronting so many challenges, as well as making considerable strides. All that makes us much stronger and confident of the belief that we’re gonna make it. We’re generating ideas and trying to put the best of them into action. We’re making plans and setting goals, gathering a group of like minds, many of whom are still working side by side from the very beginning.

AllBestBets — an online Russian-language service for searching sports arbitrage situations (surebets and valuebets) aimed at customers from the CIS countries.

Aspira 2013 launch — an online service for odds comparison and surveillance of more than 70 bookmakers in 30 kinds of sport. The main target group is fans who want to know the chances of their team winning.

Aspira 2014 launch

We make a strategic decision to enter the English-language market. This is the time BetBurger is introduced, which is now a front-runner in the field, gaining the confidence of hundreds of thousands clients worldwide day by day.

BetBurger is a multilingual online service for searching sports arbitrage situations (surebets and valuebets), translated into 9 languages and tailored to meet the needs of the clients from 12 countries.

Aspira 2015
Opening an office in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the largest scientific, cultural, economical and religious centres of Poland, which becomes a gracious host for some part of the Aspira team.

This year also sees a fully-fledged customer support department that begins to provide top-notch assistance, replies to questions, information, and tips on managing the tools. 

Aspira 2016 launch

We launch the service providing sporting events data in XML or JSON intended for in-house application development, collection of statistics, trading and sporting events analysis.

Aspira 2017
Product localization

We seriously start considering localizing our products and entering additional markets. Our marketing department develops a strategy which afterwards brings tangible impact for the whole company.

Our product thus makes it to the Spanish, Colombian, German, Austrian and Greek markets. 

Aspira 2018
New markets

Next to the effective localization and entering new markets, we are vigorously starting to explore new countries and regions. This is the year when we announce BetBurger in Italy, and it ultimately grows into the market leader.

We also step up the efforts to translate the platform into Portuguese, French and Romanian.

Aspira 2019

We make a decision to enter the Asian market. Following the painstaking work and detailed overview of the region, the first country is set out — China.

Our company is facing particular difficulties including language barriers and restrictions inherent to the Chinese market. But within a 6 months period we get our first clients, and by the middle of the following year China becomes one of the top priority countries.

Aspira 2020

During the global pandemic of SarS Covid-2 when a ban on sports activities is adopted, we focus on the introduction of a new direction — eSports.

This enables us to expand the selection of sports competitions across all our platforms and manage the crisis successfully.

Aspira 2021 launch

This year we agree to deliver a new product that should possess a range of essential advantages in contrast to similar online services. That’s how BetWasp comes into being.

BetWasp — a desktop application for Windows ОS, Mac OS and Linux to work with sports arbitrage (surebets and valuebets). The app has certain advantages over similar online services.


At one point, we made a decision to enter the Latin American market. After thorough work and detailed analysis of the region, we chose the next country Brazil.

Our company faced language barriers and limitations typical of the Brazilian market, but after 3 months of work, we acquired our first clients, and by mid-year, Brazil became one of our top priority countries.

More options to pay for subscription

Along with the major website upgrade, we’ve worked on expanding the list of payment methods and developing new functionality. Thus, in 2023 we’ve added such payment systems as SafetyPay, CoinGate, PayPal, as well as the possibility to pay for subscriptions via Pinnacle cashback.

Among the new functionality we can’t fail to mention the voting for new bookmakers and the already mentioned Pinnacle cashback feature. According to the results of voting of our clients, more than 10 new bookmakers have already been connected, and their list is constantly expanding.

Indian version of the site

In 2024 we have completed the translation of our website into Hindi, which will allow our Indian customers to operate with the service in their native language. As of today, the BetBurger website has been translated into 10 languages including Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and more.

To be continued...